Friday, 25 April 2014


“You get what you pay for” is an axiom we use to assess the value of a product.  That’s how we’re best familiar with it.   But it’s also a great way to assess our own value and the value of the lessons we’ve learned.  

Here’s the thing.  If we’re skating on the surface of our lives, avoiding risks, playing it safe, listening to the drivel that fear chatters in our ears, then our experience in living life has cost us nothing.  On the other hand, the more emotionally expensive an experience, the more it cost us in blood, sweat and tears, the more value that experience has for us.

If you’ve had a challenging life, a life that seems to throw obstacles in your way at every turn.  Or, if you have a need to challenge yourself, to keep jumping off cliffs to test out your wings, then send the Universe a prayer of thanks, because chances are you recognize the value of who you have become having paid dearly for that wisdom and insight.

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