Saturday, 16 March 2013


Are you on a hero’s journey?  

If it feels as though we’re going through some hard internal times, worse than we’ve every known before, changes are coming fast and furious, dissatisfaction in all aspects of our lives is constant and high, if relationships we’ve had for years and years have become a nuisance, it might be that we’re on our hero’s journey.

It’s a journey that’s meant to create chaos in a spectacular way, more painful and profound than we’ve ever known.  It’s meant to change us.

That’s the thing, how will we react?  How will we travel through?  Will we travel through?  Or will we run away?  Will we self-medicate?  Will we pretend it’s not happening?

Answers to these questions will determine whether we will be the heroes of our own lives or whether we will chicken out.  Prefer to live in bitterness and regret.

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