Friday, 30 August 2013


Yup, living in the present moment is definitely the healthiest, most aware and enlightened thing to do.  But most of us don’t really understand what that means.  It doesn’t mean what advertising and marketing geniuses want us to think it means. 

 “Live now” in our popular culture is an object-referral type of living.  We are supposed to define ourselves by the objects that we acquire and surround ourselves with, by the superficial, popularity based relationships we’re supposed to have, by the vacuous gratification from our 15 minutes of fame.  Nothing good will come of this kind of ‘living now’ because we can lose those objects.  Our so called friends and significant others, drawn to us from this type of energy will disappear.  And while all this disappears, so does our sense of who we think we are.

No.  Living now, in the present moment, is about living from the inside out.  It’s about being present with authentic self-esteem that comes from self-referral.  It’s a simple acknowledgment of what is the most fundamental of being human, of being us.  Compassion and love.  It’s about gratitude for the opportunity to be alive today.  It’s about appreciating the power of things we have no control over, like air, like our breath, like our heart beating. But most especially, living in the now is about embracing our heartaches and pain, holding them tenderly and then letting them go.  They do not belong to us.  They belong to what happened then.  And now we are living in the present.

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