Sunday, 8 September 2013


What reality have you bought into?  The social media reality that says everyone is looking for you and really wants to know what you’re doing every nanosecond of the day?  The marketers reality that has you convinced of not only what you want, but what you NEED?  Your boss’s reality that says, you’re not overworked, you’re lucky to have a job?  Your kid’s reality that says you suck as a parent because you’re not indulging my every whim? 

These other realities look really attractive because much of our time is spent in us not liking the reality we’re living.  Here’s the thing, all of these pseudo-realities are ‘pseudo’ because they look like a life but actually are not.  They are vacuous facsimiles of existence.  They are a proposition with an agenda driven by the people who have created it: social media, marketers, your boss, etc., all exist to satisfy their specific need.  Pseudo-realities have nothing to do with us and our wellbeing.

Yet we get caught up in them all the time because we’re looking for an escape.  It’s so much easier to disappear into these alternate realities than make hard decisions, face our fears, live authentically.  

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