Saturday, 18 August 2012


At this time of year, I usually feel a bout of fall cleaning coming on.  It’s kind of the same as spring cleaning but it involves moving furniture to cozier arrangements, changing throws and pillows to darker/warmer hues and most of all, it involves flinging open the closet doors and gawking in awe at the chaos barely held at bay by a skimpy wooden door.

It’s a time for cleaning things out, trimming and pruning, sorting and discarding.  It’s a time to be crystal clear on what stays and what goes.  It’s a time to make some ruthless decisions on what cannot stay in your space a minute longer.  

While I’m talking literally here about cleaning things out of your physical space, this cleaning out extends far beyond the literal.  It can also include people, ideas, paradigms, judgements, hurts, anything that is clogging or taking up space in your physical and psychological environment.  

It’s simple, consider that if it hasn’t made you happy -- I’m talking people, ideas, paradigms, or judgements, etcetera, in the last six months, then you have my permission to get a great big garbage bag, pile all that crap in there and take it to the curb.

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