Wednesday, 8 August 2012


‘We are stardust, we are golden...’ words written by Neil Young in the song Woodstock.  It’s funny how dismissive people are of any suggestion that humans are made of the same particles as the Universe, it’s ‘touchy feely’ ‘New Agey’ and to be ridiculed.  How come?  It is in fact the truth, whatever made the Universe made us.

Is the concept of that simply too much for some people to handle?  Does it imply that perhaps great things are expected?  That the miracle of our existence is a privilege?  That we need to take care of each other and this earth?

Why do these questions make so many people uncomfortable to the point of making fun of them and dismissing the very premise?  Is it because many live their lives carelessly?   Is it because so many people don’t want the burden of living a responsible life?  Is it because it’s just too hard?

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