Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I think it’s horribly sad that adults have lost the ability to play.  If you ask me spending a day in an amusement park waiting in line to just spend 2 seconds of unmitigated hell on a roller coaster is fun - then fill your boots and be my guest.  But by my estimation it isn’t fun at all.  I don’t think ‘playing’ video games is particularly fun either.  

Here’s the thing, the way I judge fun is that you have to provide it for yourself.  It can’t arrive ready made so that you just have to plug it in or step right up and get swept up in it or navigate it with a joy-stick. I mean really?

Invent it yourself, like hopscotch that you draw in chalk on the sidewalk, or ride a bike, or paint or sing or walk in a park, or skim stones or whatever. 

The idea is that YOU figure prominently, you are the motivating factor, the other factor, if you really want to kick playing up a notch, is do what your mother used to say...GO PLAY OUTSIDE.

What’s play got to do with anything?  Actually a whole lot.  Playing reminds us that we’re in control, that we can play by our own rules, that we’re responsible for our lives and that our lives must have joy in it. Playing is a way to do that.  Otherwise, we’re not doing our lives justice.

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