Sunday, 23 September 2012


It’s about being aware.  We’re either externally conscious - aware of things outside ourselves or we’re self conscious -aware of things within ourselves.  

It seems that when we’re dealing with superficial things, how we look: our hair, nails, weight, clothes, etc., we’re very self conscious.  We believe that everyone is looking in our direction and so we invest a great deal of time torturing ourselves convinced that others are judging us cruelly.  The reality of course is that because we are so self-absorbed WE are the only ones judging ourselves because everyone else is just as self-absorbed and doesn’t really notice us.

Even when it looks as though people are judging externally, judging others, this happens most especially to women and how they look, the judgement is actually reflexive.  The person casting judgment on someone else, is actually comparing themselves with the person they are judging.   If they believe the person they are judging is superior to them in some way, thinner, prettier, then it serves as confirmation of their own low self worth.  If on the other hand, they judge the other as inferior to themselves, then it serves as confirmation of their higher self worth.

Either way, the point is that WE, as in the collective everyone, are to a huge extent focused on ourselves.  If we do happen to notice anyone else, it’s usually a way to reflect back on what it means to us, how it makes us feel.

It’s a testament that for most of us, our awareness, sad to say, encompasses a pallidly, malnourished circumference.

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