Monday, 17 September 2012


A four letter word.  It’s unequivocally understood by our society that to quit, to even entertain the idea of quitting, is to be a loser.  To quit is to tell the world that you don’t possess the wherewithal to do something hard.  The irony of course is that it’s harder to quit something than to just carry on.

Never say quit is exquisitely dumb...of the head against a brick wall variety.  Having the blinders on and dumbly plodding on when your internal GPS is telling you to quit, is silly.  Yet we do it all the time: the job that isn’t working, the relationship that’s wearing us out, the project that has morphed into a losing proposition. On the whole, I think we refuse to quit because we simply don’t know what else to do.  

Here’s the thing, what if we quit and then waited, just stopped, did nothing for a bit. The answer of how to proceed, the direction to take or whether to wait just a bit longer will, invariably present itself.

That’s the problem though isn’t it? The hard part isn’t knowing when or what to quit, in fact you know it already.  The hard part is sitting still for the alternative to unveil itself.

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