Sunday, 30 September 2012


Paraphrasing Seth Godin regarding the gap between wishing something and doing the work to get the something you want.  The thing is that wishing requires magical thinking and magical thinking is for people who are disempowered, and fear-driven.  

Doing the work, on the other hand is the journey, doing the work is how we empower ourselves, fall, pick ourselves up and build courage muscles.  Doing the work is what makes our adventures and in turn, ourselves, interesting, fun and yes....magical.

But it’s about the work.  Unfortunately a lot of us are caught in the gap -- the space between magical thinking and the work.  In actuality, this gap is quicksand and this is where we become stuck.  Just the realization of this, being aware of it, is the first step toward the work, toward getting unstuck.

(Seth Godin The wishing/doing gap)

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