Thursday, 6 September 2012


If you feel as though you’re being presented with the same lessons over and over again, the universe is trying to tell you that you’re not listening -- you’re not listening to your heart’s desire.  Until you do, history will keep repeating.

Pay attention to the patterns in your life.  What circumstances keep coming up.  Connect the dots. Then change the connection.

If the wrong guy keeps showing up in your life, why are you continuing to react to him in the same way.  Once you know that he’s the wrong guy, and I bet you can tell inside of a second, why don’t you walk the other way?

If you continue to find yourself in dead-end jobs, why don’t you get clear about the job you really want and say no to the next dead-end job that shows up?

The thing to remember is that, sure, the same stuff can keep showing up.  The difference is in how you respond.  Change the response, change the connection, stop the repeating pattern.

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