Wednesday, 26 September 2012


It’s uncanny how fear can whip us into a frenzy using our insecurities, foibles and distorted sense of low self worth.  It makes just the potential of any shunning and shaming feel so real that it freezes us in our tracks.  It’s extremely effective in keeping us locked up in our cave, terrified to venture out, try anything new, expand our horizons, develop our curiosity.

The reality is that if we went through life showing everyone exactly who we were, warts and all, our family would still love us and our friends would still cherish us, in truth, there would be precious little fallout.

Fact is, everyone is in the same boat.  We’re all worried about being lovable.  The irony is that if we were a little more courages and lived authentic lives, fear would loose its power.  Certainly, we would still feel it but it will have lost its power to imprison us.

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